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Sentry Event Management Portal

This technology can help you efficiently run events and ensure contractor compliance is achieved. The portal has been designed to be a one-stop-shop for managing your team and making sure your administration processes run smoothly – without paper.

Our team has built the Sentry Event Management Portal using knowledge acquired through almost 10 years of providing safety and risk management services to some of Australia’s biggest events. We know the compliance-related gaps Event Managers need to fill and this technology has been designed to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Managing Contractor Safety for Venues/ Events (ie; workplaces)

Managing Contractor Safety – the legislative view/opinion.

Most Venue Managers/Event Organisers will engage independent contractors at some point to assist, but many are not completely aware of the duties they owe these contractors.

Any person, event organiser, corporation or association that conducts a business or undertaking (Manages a venue/organises an Event!) – whether they are for profit or not-for-profit – has responsibilities under the harmonised work, health and safety (WHS) legislation that covers NSW, Queensland, SA, NT and the ACT. Victoria (OHS Act) and W.A. have similar requirements in the legislation.

In all jurisdictions, the legislation states independent contractors engaged to undertake work for a business or undertaking, are considered to be workers of that business.

Officers of the business have a primary duty of care to any contractor they engage and to any workers they may have working for them. Under this duty, the Business/Organiser must ensure the health and safety of all workers/employees (including volunteers in most States), so far as is reasonably practicable.

You cannot use a contractor to limit or modify your statutory obligations. If you attempt to transfer your duty of care to an independent contractor via a contract, the provision may be deemed invalid. Any decision made will need to be able to withstand scrutiny if required.

The steps for exercising your duty of care

Developing a comprehensive contractor management system addressing the following elements is a key part of meeting your duty of care to independent contractors:

1. Selection:Select contractors based, not just on their cost, but also on their expertise, competence and OHS/WHS record. For example, are they properly licensed? Do they have references from other similar clients?

2. OHS/WHS documentation:Obtain and review all relevant contractor documentation, including competencies, high-risk work licences, insurances and safe work method statements (if applicable).

3. Induction:Induct all contractors and their workers into your Site Safety Rules, OHS/WHS policies and procedures that you require them to follow, before they commence work. Set your safety expectations without telling them how to do their job. You have a reasonable expectation that they will apply their skills to the tasks for which you have engaged them.

You are required to provide contractors with information, instruction and training that is easy to understand format and relevant to the work they are engaged to perform.

4. Consult, Communicate and Coordinate activities with contractors and others involved in the work. Ensure that contractors are updated with any recent workplace hazards and/or any other changes that may affect them in the performance of their duties.

5. Monitoring:Monitor contractors’ work activities to ensure they are carried out in accordance with your contractor management program and relevant OHS/WHS legislation. Keep records for any post engagement reviews.

Contractors also have a duty of care to their own workers and others in a workplace. They are also bound by obligations under the Act to maintain their own safe working systems that they need to comply with and have their own trained, competent and supervised workers.

Contractor Management Process

An effective system will enable the business to maintain compliance by achieving the following tasks:
• Promptly access Contractor documentation provided, employee competence and induction status
• Provides a prompt to the business when contractor compliance documentation is due for renewal or has expired (retains historical documentation/versions)
• Provides Contractors with a simple, intuitive and efficient system to upload documentation and employee details
• Protects personnel and the contractor’s details for privacy purposes
• Assists the business to comply with work health & safety requirements particularly relating to the application of an all due diligence approach.

Contractor Management Process

While there are many options available in the market place to address some or all of these requirements, Sentry has taken the time and effort, based on 18+ years in the major event safety, risk and emergency management industry, to build this user friendly, cost effective online Event Management Portal as a “one stop shop” for all Contractor and personnel compliance needs.

High reliability, privacy and security features make this online Portal a sought-after solution.

For a confidential, no obligation discussion, please feel free to drop a line Here and we will get back to you promptly.

Sentry Business Resilience Pty Ltd (T/as Sentry Safety Systems) does not give legal advice. This material is produced by Sentry staff. It is intended to provide general information in summary form on current topics. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Formal, independent legal advice should be sought in specific matters.


Team Management

Create and manage your “go-to” database of internal team members and external contractors who run your events.

Pre Qualification

Easily communicate to suppliers documentation required for submission prior to commencement of works on the event.


Web-based system that ensures that all team members are able to fill out their inductions before they enter site.

Hazards & Incidents

Before and during the event, the portal can be used to flag hazards and record incidents with multimedia.


Automate the process of collecting documents and requesting the completion of induction forms.

100% Web Based

Provide full access and standardise your procedures while streamlining your administrative processes.

Highly Customisable

The framework used to create this technology is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Free Updates & Support

Our team of experienced event management consultants are on hand to provide assistance.