You're in safe hands

Sentry is a recognised expert and leading provider of safety, risk and emergency management solutions in Australia. We provide consultancy services and offer industry compliance management software L.E.V.8™. Whether you’re running a major event or planning business contingencies, we’ve got you covered.



We are the experts in all things safety, risk and emergency management

We provide specialist services to support contingency planning for your business and events, with safety as the number one priority.

Our services include:
  • Planning
  • Risk assessment & mitigation
  • Compliance Management Systems (through Sentry’s industry leading L.E.V.8™ Compliance Management Portal)
  • COVID-19 safe plans, risk assessments and crisis management
  • Critical incident investigations
  • Obtaining approvals from regulatory authorities
  • In-event services (i.e. Event Director, Chief Warden, Safety Officers)
  • Root cause analysis investigations
  • Legislative compliance
  • Code of Practice and policy development
  • Gap analysis of key business processes
  • Safety systems implementation
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Safety/Scenario Training (Crisis, Emergency and Business Continuity Planning)


You're in safe hands

Our Mission

A recognised expert and leading provider of safety, risk and emergency management solutions in Australia, our mission is to support our clients to deliver safe, compliant and professional events through a “make it happen” approach.

L.E.V.8 Compliance Management Portal

Our industry leading Compliance Management Portal L.E.V.8™ supports our clients in end-to-end management of compliance. A one-stop-shop, L.E.V.8™ helps your events run efficiently and keeps track of
● contractor compliance
● staff competencies
● training and induction
● issues tracking/logging
● document/file management

Consulting Services

We provide a range of expert consulting services in safety, risk and emergency management.

COVID Safe Plans, Risk Assessments & Crisis Management

We’re here to support our clients navigate an ever changing COVID landscape. Backed by the latest qualifications (COVID-19 Mass Gathering Risk Assessment Training) from the World Health Organisation (WHO), we take a holistic approach to managing COVID risks in your organisation and for your events.


Solutions you can rely on


We maintain the highest education standards. With Sentry you are accessing our world-class expertise gained from a range of tertiary institutions.


We put our extensive qualifications to good use. Our experience extends across a range of industries and organisations, built over decades of high-profile risk, safety and emergency management projects.


We see risks that many don’t and we create solutions you haven’t thought of yet. Our clients value our ‘make it happen’ approach to events and business planning.


We think of all eventualities and provide the safest way forward

Sentry provides a wealth of services across the risk spectrum. We look at both the big picture and the minutiae.


Expertise across many industries


Client Testimonials

Ben Muldoon

Event Director for Tough Mudder Australia
“It was a genuine pleasure to work with Steve "Gossy" Goss on the Tough Mudder Australia events for several years. Steve brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from his years as a police officer and then working across several industries. Steve always presented the highest level of professionalism with our team whilst also remaining practical - not an easy tightrope to walk given the nature of our events. I look forward to working with Gossy again in the future.”

Geordie Miles

Managing Director for Spark Group
"Events are complex and stressful. As event organisers we have enough to think about without worrying about safety and compliance, so we rely on experts to foresee issues and direct us accordingly. Steve and the team at Sentry are the best in their field and give us endless amounts of comfort and advice in everything we do – both for our events and our business as a whole. We value the way they relevantly communicate their vast experience given their in-depth understanding of the challenges we face on the ground, something most safety experts don’t understand. Our relationship with Sentry is our most valuable and we hope it continues for years to come."

John Takac

Race Director for Lorne Surf Life Saving Club
"The annual Lorne Pier to Pub event has utilised Sentry's services and expertise in an ongoing capacity since 2013, with positive outcomes and expanding responsibilities over time. These annual events typically involve around 7000 competitors across two days in early January and, located in the densely populated coastal town of Lorne, on Victoria’s West coast, with limited vehicle access routes and a high wildfire risk. Sentry was initially engaged to provide independent and expert wildfire risk analysis, documentation and management for our events. Since then we have utilised their expertise to review, complement and add to our overall event risk management strategies, plans and documentation, including supporting on-site critical incident management and to act as an independent safety officer. Sentry's exposure and work across different events and locations all over Australia provides an extensive and knowledgeable base that we have drawn upon when faced with unique risks to develop our risk management strategies and resultant robust processes. We thank Steve and Sentry for their continuing support."

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