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Our industry leading software L.E.V.8™ lifts the administrative burden of compliance and gives you full visibility of your people, suppliers and compliance documents at the click of a button.

The safety and compliance industry has for years operated without a connected solution to address the compliance needs of events.

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Enter L.E.V.8™: a one stop shop for all things events and venues. A centralised, device-friendly, online system that streamlines document control and makes keeping track of due diligence easy.

Not just for events, L.E.V.8™ caters for venues and wider industry requirements for safety compliance.

L.E.V.8™ consists of six modules, catering for a variety of needs, empowering the user to pick and choose the modules best suited to them.
The modules include:
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Module 1 - Events

Set up and manage your entire event operations from
contractor management to event logging and everything in between. Create and manage individual events. L.E.V.8™ is a subscription-based service, with your subscription dictating the
number of events available on your portal, giving you complete freedom to add more events when needed.

Module 2 - Staff

Manage all staff inductions, training, competencies and role requirements of your people. You can also capture critical information such as emergency contact information and pre-
existing medical issues and collect individual licences and competency documents.

Module 4 - E-Learning

A central location for all your training modules (you can create any training you like). You can assign the relevant modules to the relevant user and easily track their completion. Deliver training and instructions in a contactless virtual format.
Create any training you like. Deliver training and instructions electronically, touchless .... of any sort to your staff and any of your contractors or supplier staff.

Module 3 - Suppliers

Manage the compliance requirements for all your contractors, vendors and exhibitors. Your suppliers can add and manage their own staff without you needing to get involved. This allows for all inductions to be completed before arrival.

Module 5 - Document Management

Store and distribute your key documents to anyone within your organisation. Keep all your documents in one place and maintain audit tracking of all document access,
movement, changes, and sharing. It looks like others but operates like no other. High level audit trails are built in for integrity.

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Module 6 - Logget™

If you have an issue “Logget™”. The catchphrase that makes sense. Advanced issues management including incident, hazard and event logging. Immediate action management where tasks are assigned instantly and visible by highly functional dashboard tools. Nothing will slip through the cracks again.

Engaging and working with Stephen and the team at L.E.V.8™ has been a fantastic experience. As a large business that executes events across a number of states with multiple suppliers, being able to work with a central platform and hub that enables us to capture all key supplier and staff documentation and information in the one place has saved us countless administrative hours. This has allowed our team to focus on the quality and review methods of the documentation received as well as being able to track and identify suppliers that haven’t completed certain elements without the need for multiple spreadsheets and email trails. The support provided by Stephen and his team was second to none with no query too big or small and they always had the willingness to work with us to further understand our needs given each event and requirements can vary. Their passion and commitment to see the platform continue to grow and adapt will ensure that we continue to work with the LEV8 platform across our many events in the future.
Darcy Keighran
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