COVID-19 Consultancy

The world has adapted quickly to COVID-19, but not quite as quickly as we have. Our industry leading COVID-19 qualifications from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and our significant experience helping organisations and events adapt in the past to influenza outbreaks, has allowed us to support clients adapt their workplaces and their events to ever changing COVID-19 requirements.
We’ve supported a number of clients to put critical safety measures in place to allow them to operate safely, in turn providing a safe experience for their employees and the public. This has helped out clients to continue operating during COVID, saving our clients a significant amount of money (which they would have lost if they had to close) and allowing them to continue contributing to Australia’s economy and providing ongoing employment to their workforce.
In addition to our COVID-19 consultancy, our L.E.V.8™ Portal allows our clients to deliver touchless COVID Safe Plan briefings.