Risk Management Frameworks

Sentry’s CEO, holds a Masters Degree in Risk Management from Monash University’s Department of Accounting and Finance, and has been an accredited Certified Practising Risk Manager with the Risk Management Institute of Australasia for more than 20 years. He has chaired an Audit and Risk Committee and his expertise is often sought by Boards.

Expert in developing and implementing Risk Management Frameworks and Systems to the Internationally recognised Standard for Risk Management (ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Guidelines) he has the ability to quickly grasp the context of an organisation and develop the required practices, systems and procedures to ensure they meet best practice standards.

On one occasion, this process was independently audited on behalf of the State Government of Victoria, by Willis Towers Watson, the conclusion included the following: “Based on our review, the risk management process adopted is comprehensive and conducted in accordance with best practice, noting also this plan took into account lessons learned from previous events…” Graham Kenafacke – National Manager, Workplace Risk.